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Tri Peaks Solitaire

How to Play Tri Peaks Solitaire

Playing Penguin Solitaire is one of those solitaire games that have the ability to captivate your interest and also to keep yourself amused for an extended period of time. It is very much alike with FreeCell solitaire, and draws from here but has a few differences that make it more interesting. Before learning the basics on how to play Penguin Solitaire, here are a few different things about FreeCell and Penguin Solitaire.

When one plays penguin solitaire he has to be aware of the fact that blank columns are to be filled only with a specific card, while when playing FreeCell solitaire this blank column can be filled with anything.

In FreeCell the sequences are built in descending alternating color. In the case of penguin solitaire sequences are build in descending same-suit cards. While Penguin solitaire gives you free hand to move sequences disregarding their length but of the same suit, FreeCell solitaire allows you to move your sequences depending on how many free cells and columns are available.

When one plays FreeCell solitaire cards are moved to the foundation beginning with the Ace. In penguin solitaire the base rank doesn't have to be the Ace but can be any rank. FreeCell solitaire has 4 free cells, while penguin solitaire has seven.

How to deal when playing penguin solitaire:

How to play penguin solitaire:

The strategy of penguin solitaire:

When encountering a deal like that, one has to pay special attention and should take into consideration the following tips: