The Great Solitaire

"A man who is a master of patience is master of everything else"

Solitiare Lexicon 2

Solitaire and Patience Card Games Lexicon - Part 2

This article follows the first part of the Solitaire and Patience card games lexicon to make you fully enjoy the gaming experience. These terms are described below:

* Pack refers to a deck of cards. It is actually a synonym for deck.

* Patience refers to a card game that is played by a single person and across USA is also known as "solitaire".

* Rank refers to the numerical order of the playing cards wherein Aces come with the lowest value and the Kings being the highest. With some games the ranking comes in a continuous way, and also the Aces can be ranked higher than the Kings. With other card games you can find Aces to be ranked either at the bottom or at the top in accordance to the player's choices.

* Re-deal means that you can take cards from the given layout for afterwards to re-deal them again. With some card games the cards should be taken in an order that is specific to game's rules. With several card games rules you will find cards that are shuffled between re-deals while in other games they are not shuffled.

* Reserve is the pile of cards that is kept as a stock while an initial deal was done. There are rules of solitaire games which do not allow removing the cards from this reserve unless you make use of some ways that are presented within the game procedure.

* Row refers to a pile or group of cards that are displayed horizontally.

* Shuffle refers to present the cards in a random order, which is mainly done by the hands of the dealer while playing offline solitaire or patience. With the computerized system you are presented with the shuffling in an automatic manner.

* Stock refers to the pile where the cards are initially dealt from. Once a hand is dealt the stock will contain the entire deck and afterwards they can be removed from there and played further on to the tableau, foundations, or wastepile. All this re-arranging is done until the stock is empty.

* Suit is represented by the symbol of the hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades.

* Tableau is part of the solitaire card game that gives a particular layout of the game once the cards are handled within the game.

* Value is the numerical value such as for Ace is 1, Jack is 11, Queen is 12 and King is 13.

* Wastepile comes in many card games as the place where any card that can not be moved to a tableau or foundation is moved there.

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