The Great Solitaire

"A man who is a master of patience is master of everything else"

Solitiare Lexicon 1

Solitaire and Patience Card Games Lexicon - Part 1

Whenever you play solitaire card games there are rules and terms that you need to deal with to make you understand and enjoy the gaming experience at your best. These aspects apply to any type of game that one gets involved into for the sake of having a great experience while playing. Many people find it relaxing to sit in front of the playing board and test their power of concentration while struggling to develop strategies into winning.

Let's see what the solitaire lexicon includes and what the terms involved in both solitaire and patience card games are:

* Ascending sequence refers to displaying the cards in their ascending value, for instance starting with Aces and ending with Kings.

* Descending Sequence refers to displaying cards in their down value, such as starting from Kings down to Aces.

* Building refers to playing one group of cards or a single card upon another as per the given rules of the card game. This term can be achieved in accordance to the particulars of the game, such as:

1. By Alternate Color where you can build black on red or red on black, without considering the suit.
2. By Color where you must build black on black, red on red, irrespective of the suit.
3. By Suit where cards should be played in a same suit sequence.
4. Down where you must play the cards in descending rank sequence.
5. Up where cards should be played in ascending rank sequence.
6. Regardless of Suit where you must build using rank alone without minding the suit and color.

* Color means the deck of cards that comes in two colors: Diamonds and Hearts are red, and Spades and Clubs are black.

* Column refers to a vertical displaying of a group or pile of cards.

* Deal refers to turning up cards from the deck and after that placing them within the specific layout.

* Deck means that card games revolve around a set of 52 cards that are played and shuffled within a game without counting the Jokers. Some other games make use of non-standard decks also known as cut decks.

* Discard refers to those cards that are permanently removed from the specific play.

* Face cards are those types of card that have on their layout a face of Jack, Queen and King.

* Foundation refers to the purpose of the game as per where they are destined to be placed for winning the game. This foundation comes with some games as part of the initial layout. With other games they can be created during the play. All these apply to the rules that are set for the particular game.

* Hand refers to those cards that are left after the layout has been already dealt. With a hand you should keep the card face down until this one is called for within the game process.

* Layout refers to the initial placement of the cards on the playing board or on the screen if you play Solitaire on your computer. Within a layout you are presented with wastepile, stock, tableau, foundations and reserve.

Read more common solitiare terms in the second part of this piece.

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