The Great Solitaire

"A man who is a master of patience is master of everything else"

How Did Solitaire Game Evolve?

Solitaire games are card games very well known to the card players all over the world, only they are called by different names depending on the country they are played. Nobody knows exactly where from these games originated; however it is believed to have been invented in the 17th century, because by the 18th century it was already popular in France with Napoleon counting among its arduous fans. During the late years of 18th century Solitaire was made known in England where it gained the name of Patience.

The game began to gain so much popularity because it didn't need more than one player and a pack of cards in order to entertain oneself. It became a great way to pass one's time when there wasn't anything else to do. With modern times of 20th century, this card game started to be in the attention of gaming developers by the time when they have decided to introduce playing card games on personal computers.

Microsoft even decided to introduce some versions of Solitaire games as part of their operating system, and thus with every person owning a Microsoft operating computer he was presented with pre-installed games. These ones count for Free Cell, Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, and Hearts as options to play whenever you feel like.

But for Solitaire to reach the version we see it nowadays, it took several years to start with changing the graphics the moment more processing and memory capacity was introduced in the technology of the new computers. This was also due to the fact that with the release of video game consoles they required more improvements in this respect.

The version that was firstly commercialized is known as Solitaire Royal released in 1987 for Macintosh and PC systems. With its release the game was a big success especially inside those countries that video games haven't been introduced yet.

With 1992, solitaire game met a better version featuring a wider range of games, more than 100, with some of them allowing players to choose their own games in a customized option. In this way, players could have a better experience. With the release of Windows 95, the game knew one of its major breaks but with the Microsoft Windows XP Solitaire game was added as a newer version with this new Operating System of Microsoft computers.

Solitaire as a card game is not restricted merely to the personal computers, since there are many electronic devices on which one can play Solitaire games as long as they are created to be compatible with these devices. Thus, one can find this popular card game on mobile phones, handheld devices, video games consoles.

A PSP for instance is one type of handheld video game device. Solitaire is considered by far one of the most popular games among the range of computer gamers, this including also the versions that have been released throughout its years since its inception.